Are you thinking you want to rent your new home in Summit County?

Chuck, our Client, is like most of our vacation home owners.
He bought his dream ski home in Breckenridge thinking that short term renting would be an easy way to pay some expenses.  He asked us for a property manager referral…we said, hire Summit Mountain Rentals.  Too expensive, he said.

So Chuck hired an Assist-property manager (menu of services to choose from) on the cheap, and started taking the rental calls and hoping his new property manager could do the rest. 

During his first season of renting, Chuck noticed many things…that many of his dishes were broken, smudges on the walls, missing coffee maker and stolen comforter.  He was also having difficulty with poor reviews…which is how he learned of each incident of theft or damage.   Each rental flip was a learning experience.  Still, Chuck is no quitter…determined to succeed, he preserved on.  

At the end of the season, Chuck needed and couldn’t find carpet cleaners, an electrician, a fireplace repairman and a new hot tub company.  Finally after many attempts, he flew out to Colorado from Texas and cleaned his own carpets, jiggered with the fireplace and hired a new hot tub company.  The electrical would have to wait.  

By the end of the second ski season, Chuck intensely wanted to retire from the property management business.  After spending the evening responding to yet another negative review on their home, Chuck started to think about selling.

He calls the Gongloff Group…unhappy about selling his second home, but even more upset about continued property management. All he ever wanted was to have a ski home for his family and friends. 

We tell him again…hire Summit Mountain Rentals.  They are the professional property management company.  This time, Chuck hears us! 

The team at SMR gets his property back to beauty with their full time maintenance crew.  They get it on the rental market in less than 7 days for more money/night than any prior listing.  During ski season #2, Chuck has to book himself to use their home because it is leased so often.  The rental reviews are all complimentary, some guests are re-booking for ski season #3 and all is well.

And, we never hear from Chuck again…except for dinners when he is in town and the occasional day on the hill.  Oh and of course, when he refers his friends and family to the Gongloff Group…check out our referral program:  

And that is why we refer to Summit Mountain Rentals.  They are the simply the best.