Summit Mountain Rentals – Your full service professional property management company.

Most of our Clients are vacation home owners and by and large they follow the same path of landlord bliss. 

When they buy their first vacation home, they want to net as much money from rentals as possible.   They ask us…who should we hire?  We say, hire Summit Mountain Rentals.  They are a full service professional property management company.

Instead, they manage their rentals by themselves or with an assist-property manager.  The owners take the leads from vrbo/airbnb themselves.  They hire property cleaners to flip between tenants and hope for the best. 

During the first season, many of the owner’s household items have been broken or stolen.  They discover this from increasingly negative reviews from past tenants.  Still, the homeowner perseveres…determined yet less happy about being the property manager.

The transient nature of our contractors ensure difficulty in making the necessary repairs.  Our owners power thru the obstacles, searching for better contractors, cleaners and tenants.  Each rental flip is a learning experience. 

By the end of the second ski season, they want to be less involved in managing the rental.  They just want to use their vacation home when they can. They interview a few property managers…and end up hiring the cheapest property management company that they can find.  

Another ski season goes by…this time the owner is happily not involved.  The new property manager is hired to do it all.  Yet as the season progresses, the owner notices fewer rentals than last year.  He starts reading the reviews of his home online, and realizes they are not flattering. There are even comments about carpet stains and broken window blinds that he knows weren’t there prior.

Ski Season #3…after spending the evening responding to yet another negative review on their home, our Client starts to think about selling.

He calls us…unhappy about selling his second home, but even more upset about continued property management.

We tell him again…hire Summit Mountain Rentals.   The team at SMR gets his property back to beautiful with their full time maintenance crew.  They get it on the rental market in less than 7 days for more money/night than any prior listing.  During ski season #3, our owners have to book themselves to use their home because it is leased so often.  The rental reviews are all complimentary, some guests are re-booking for ski season #4 and all is well.

And, we never hear from our Clients again…except for dinners when they are in town and the occasional day on the hill.

And that is why we refer to Summit Mountain Rentals.