The Familiar Question… Should we sell now or wait?

What is driving buyers to Colorado?  The move is exactly what is in the news…people are flocking from big cities to the suburbs. If covid changed anything about us, it increased our need to be apart from the masses and with our ‘pod’. 

Let’s look at the facts.  Denver has appreciated 112% in median price since 2012.  In the last 12 months, Zillow reported Denver appreciation at over 9.9%. 

In the mountains, Summit County has appreciated 10.1% in the last year, see stats here

The prices in Summit continue to rise at a rate that buyers drive up daily.  The days on the market are down from last year by -64.7%, and the price per square foot is up by +13.1%.

Buyers are writing cash offers that are 10% and 20% higher than list price.  Every listing has several offers, most listings are seeing 5+ written offers.

If you’re waiting to list because you think that we haven’t hit the top…you could be right! Who knows how long this will last? But it can’t last forever. In July and August when we are in selling season, the increase in housing inventory will inevitably lessen the demand for 2nd homes.  

I think that waiting for more competition is a mistake.  Minimally, it will decrease the appreciation and subsequently the desire for your home. 

The way to success here is to market absolutely everywhere to gain as many leads as possible…now is the time.  Reach out to determine your sales price range today or go here to see approximately how much your home is worth.

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