Own a mountain town ski condo with

a scenic view for a fraction of the whole pie…

Have you ever split the cost of a pizza with friends because you didn’t want to pay full price when you wouldn’t eat the whole pie?

That’s the basic concept of fractional ownership. 

Walk out your back patio to the American Eagle and click in…drive up on a Thursday and live here thru Monday to avoid the snarl-up on I-70. 

Check your child into free daycare while you enjoy apres ski at CB Grill. 

Life is good here.


"Your investment is our specialty. We are your local specialist…helping you play in the powder and make $ too…"

2021 has started with the lowest interest rates in history, the highest buyer demand in vacation areas and the most expensive lumber prices (driving new construction pricing up).

What might that do to our real estate market?  

Low interest rates will cause even more Buyers to buy and they will cause a buy-and-hold situation because of the low payment. 

Buyer demand is forcing prices up in a skyrocket fashion and over-list price cash offers continue to stream into the mountain market as an everyday occurrence.

It is our mission to cover everything our Clients need in real estate sales and if you’re purchasing a vacation home, the price tag is only getting higher by waiting.

Let us know what we can do for you to help you find your dream...and we’ll get it for you.